Our primary goal is to keep you first and save money for you. Our focus is to understand the challenges your business is facing and provide a solution. Our principal, Harcharan has helped various companies, business owners, individuals optimizes their savings and achieve maximum value from their investments in business.

We speak multiple languages of Tax, Accounting, Consulting and Businesses. We can help in the following ways:

Business Setup:

  1. Whether you are planning to acquire a business or running an established business, we can help in understanding challenges and can provide support to help acquiring a new business or improve performance of the existing operation. We can perform due diligence for new business.
  2. We believe that business owners/executives should focus their energy on operations and rely on us for financial, accounting and tax support. We take the full responsibility of the client’s accounting and compliance matters. We can identify the potential opportunities available to save cost and taxes.
  3. System Training and Selection -We can provide system training to your staff and can provide help in accounting system selection based on your needs.
  4. Special Projects – Based on our extensive experience, we have helped various businesses in special projects including restructuring, cost management, system improvements, increasing collection, Introduction of Purchase order system, financial analysis, budgets and forecasting, Preparation of insurance claim etc.

Tax Planning /HST:

  1. Tax Planning – If you are not sure what compensation package is good for you or should your spouse or kids be given salary from the corporation, talk to us for advice.
  2. Cross Border – If your primary business is in US or another company, but you have small activities in Canada and worried about statutory compliance, we can help. We are just a telephone call away.
  3. We can take care of all HST compliance and can file periodic returns on your behalf. We can also review your HST related compliance to reduce the risk of an audit from CRA.


  • We understand that having a full time controller is very costly, so we can provide part time controllership services for your business. We can offer bookkeeping or accounting services at your premises or in our office.

Training & Education:

  • We can ensure that accounting staff is properly trained in reconciliation and maintaining the integrity of the financial information. We can provide education, tailored to their needs, to improve their productivity.


  • We feel proud in helping our clients in their acquisition and start up activities. Once you have identified the potential business to acquire, we can help you in performing due diligence before you close the business. We can provide help in analysing the financial statement provided by the seller to establish the reasonability of the numbers provided.
  • We had performed due diligence for dentists, pharmacy, restaurant owners and other businesses to help owners making the informed decision. We can perform ratio and other financial analysis to inform the reasonability of the statement and profitability.
  • Starting a new business is always a challenge and need big encouragement. It is a very exciting big and  Thrilling decision. If you are planning to start up a new business, we can be glad to help you. We can help you in preparing business plan and analyzing the financing options to minimize the cost. We can assess your financing needs and can connect with lenders based on your needs.
  • We understand that it is challenging to start business and that’s why we are here to help. We will help in each stage of business development whether it is looking for appropriate financing, need for business plan, incorporation or bookkeeping or part time controller ship services. You can count on us.
  • We can help in setting a corporation, employee contract or payroll setup. We can provide advise on bank financing to minimize interest cost.
  • Do you know that many of new businesses fails due to poor planning and implementation. A strong plan and implementation is needed to fulfil your dream of running a successful business. We can help to avoid common mistakes many people make when starting their own business.
  • We can offer the following services
    • Business Plan
    • Assessing your capital needs
    • Evaluated tax savings and advantages
    • Assessing the need for an accounting software
    • Prepare Cash flows and budgets
    • Ensure compliance with Federal or Provincial agencies
    • Activate your business or payroll account with CRA
    • We can offer payroll services to you and ensure compliance on tax matters


  • We can provide wide array of services for your business. Whether it is part time temporary help or determining cost saving opportunities, we will be there to help. We can help you in system implementation or system selection. We have experience in various system implementations and can help you to achieve your goal in cost effective manner.
  • We can provide training to your staff on various aspect of accounting, tax and process improvements.
  • We can provide Financial Analysis to identify the reasons for poor performances. We can also prepare budgets or forecasting on regular basis for your business needs.
  • We can also help in preparing cash flow statements or help in identifying the challenges or reasons for poor cash management. We can offer services on streamlining collections and recordkeeping etc.
    • Due Diligence for business acquisition
    • Liaison with lawyer for shareholding and appropriate shares selection
    • Incorporation of Businesses
    • Assistance in Financing and cash flow and Forecasting
    • Part Time Controllership services
    • Assistance in business model, business strategy and business plan


  • Whether it is personal tax or corporation tax, we are there to help. Our wide range of experience helps working for the best interest of our clients. We can help to identify various tax saving opportunities available to you. We can sit with you to understand your situation and help you in tax planning to minimize tax saving opportunities.
  • We offer help in providing tax compliance services for small to medium range business. We offer other services like:
    • HST return and compliance
    • WSIB Return and compliance
    • Payroll Remittance or compliance
    • Income Tax compliance

Small Business Accounting:

  • Whether your business is small or growing, we offer various accounting services. We can offer in house bookkeeping services or part-time controller ship services. Our staff can also visit your premises to complete accounting work.
  • Customized:
    • For Professionals : Dentists, Lawyers, Doctors, Chiropractitioners, Therapists
    • For Real Estate Agents and brokers
    • For small logistics companies, owner operator and others
    • Others

Payroll /CRA Audit 

  • Processing of payroll for your staff
  • Preparation of T4, T4A slips
  • Preparation and filing of payroll returns with CRA.
  • Review of your files before CRA Auditor’s review
  • Assistance in providing CRA Audit


column1-image1Corporate Tax Returns

column2-image1Business Setup & Registration

column3-image1Payroll Preparation & Compliance 

column1-image2Personal Tax Returns



column1-image3HST & WSIB Compliance

column2-image1Real Estate

column3-image1Assistance in CRA Audit


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